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I assume all risks and hazards of the conduct of this program. In case of injury , I waive all claims or legal actions, financial, or otherwise, against Team Choo and or Choo Smith Youth Empowerment, it organizations, sponsors, supervisors, employees, or any volunteers connected with the program, unless injury is caused by the sole negligence of Team Choo. In absence of signature, payment fees and participation in the program constitutes acceptance of these conditions. I grant full permission to use photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, recordings, or any other record of this program for any purpose.

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In the case of an accident or illness, I authorize Team Choo to provide medical treatment for my child if I cannot be contacted immediately and I consent to the administration of any and all medical procedures deemed necessary by the attending authorities. I understand that Team Choo, its staff, and volunteers assume no financial obligations or liability for the immediate medical treatment that they provide to or for my child.

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